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Since prehistoric times clay has been one of humanity’s most cherished materials. When modelling clay we come in contact with nature, while skilled hands and a creative imagination allow us to quite literally make “something from nothing”. We here at Kafloteka are devoted to ceramic tiles. Every stage of production is done by hand, which gives each one of them a timeless beauty.

The return to a tradition of craftsmanship is our way of resisting the mass production of tiles which, while frequently of acceptable quality, are devoid of the charm of handmade products. Alongside the tiles offered on our website, Kafloteka makes made-to-order tiles in accordance with the desire and imagination of our clients. Handmade tiles are often the end result of cooperation between our clients and Kafloteka. The individual needs and sensitivities of our customers set the course we take in our work, owing to which our handmade tiles are absolutely unique.