The beginnings of Kafloteka

Back when Kafloteka was not even on the radar screen, its future founder Aleksander Gavlas was living in France. He was absorbed by his work in an art gallery, and daily contact with artistic craftsmanship aroused a curiosity which he satisfied during extensive travels around France.

Trips to Avignon were of key importance – a visit to the Papal Palace with its well-preserved, colourful tiles from the Middle Ages served as inspiration for Alek to return to one of his first passions, making art from clay. Who knows, perhaps the wind blowing across the Rhône got into his head?

Creating the workshop

From that moment on, things picked up speed. Consultations with experienced ceramics artists went along with outdoor exhibits and hard work in his own apartment, which slowly transformed into a workshop. One day, Alek took some of his tiles to the gallery where he worked.

This modest initial market research turned out to be a success – the handmade ceramic tiles flew off the shelves, and clients praised the talented artisan’s products.


The view from the Polish seaside

Alek soon started looking for a place to host his workshop back in his Polish homeland, and located it in the Port of Gdańsk. This was doubtlessly inspired by the wind blowing in from the Baltic Sea, which he was certain could prove as motivational as the wild Provençal breeze.

Bespoke tiles

We can thus say that it was our clients who inspired us to establish our own workshop. The workshop is a response to the natural need for beauty and the desire to take an individual approach to interior design. Handmade tiles bear the mark of the artisan who gives them a singular allure! They are nothing less than one-of-a-kind!

Tiles that amaze!

Come visit us at Kafloteka! Our unique combination of passion and knowledge will help you achieve your dreams of a perfectly designed home!